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UmLikeYknow offers a fun, practical opportunity to analyze and polish your speaking skills quickly. While many approaches are bogged down with jargon and theory, UmLikeYknow focuses on real communication problems with immediate solutions and creative improvement drills.

    Features Include:
  • 7 Keys to Effective Speaking
  • Polishing Drills
  • Defining Your Ideal Image
  • Video Samples
  • The Um Counter (lite)
  • Self-Review
  • Motivational Goals
Ideal Image
7 keys screen shot

With more than 25 years of teaching and professional speaking experience and having conducted more than 100 seminars with Fortune 500 executives – most at around $1500 a pop for two days – we've learned anyone can significantly cleanse away communication distractions and polish skills rapidly. All it takes is a few simple recommendations and a positive, fun approach to experiment.

While UmLikeYknow focuses on speech delivery, update plans include strategies on organizing content, effectively using visual aids, handling questions & answers and other communication issues.

AVAILABLE NOW on the App Store.

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The Um Counter is, um, a tool to, like, help eliminate, y'know, those irritating non-words from your vocabulary. Personalize the counter to track and create awareness of other non-words such as "Uh," "Ok," "Basically" or newly emerging non-words including "Right?" and "Actually." Great for practicing presentations, critiquing others or annoying inarticulate friends. Future upgrades will include voice recognition.
Um Counter Screen